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hetalia micronations human names He is also the only character with a canon sexuality; he is said to be homosexual (and possesses feelings for Finland) by the creator of Hetalia. He has a band-aid across his nose and is often depicted with an evil-looking koala. He especially hates Burma due to historical conflicts, notably the ransack of Ayutthaya. He is the big brother of Wy and Hutt River. March Forward, Sealand! [citation needed]. She enjoys the kawaii culture from Japan and likes to cosplay as well. Ladonia appears to be a young boy with ruffled red hair and blue-gray eyes. His only close relationship is with Liechtenstein (リヒテンシュタイン Rihitenshutain), a small female nation that Switzerland adopted after she fell into poverty after World War I. Switzerland is voiced by Romi Park in Japanese and John Burgmeier in English. Cyprus is voiced by Toshiki Kurosawa in Japanese and Aaron Dismuke in English. His hair and skin tone are sometimes depicted as darker than his brother's in manga art — this is supposedly due to the fact that Romano has Arabic blood whereas his brother has more German-European blood. Human Names Since the counties human names are used in the headcanon posts, for 2p’s and Nyo characters, I will list the ones I use because they are not all canon. He is a quiet, mysterious young man who seems stubborn, but is actually friendly and family-minded. Russia happily promises that eventually "all will become one with Russia". If there’s no explanation, I simply picked the name I liked more among the ones suggested by Himaruya. Himaruya has confirmed that England represents both the United Kingdom and England while Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are his siblings. Ironically, his dreams sometimes become the reasons why some of his neighboring countries ask Russia to pull him down. Spain is voiced by Go Inoue in Japanese and by David Trosko in English. Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland are also said to be part of the Nordics. I'll also be including nations that aren't too well known! He is often seen with cats due to his country having so many strays, and often has some mannerisms of a cat, such as sleeping for long periods of time. He makes his formal debut in the Halloween 2013 event. She is wearing a White ruffeled dress, with a blue underskirt that gets darker the further it gets down. Much like North Italy, is Seborga and Wy's hair brown or red? He makes his debut anime appearance after the credits of Episode 35 and became the first Latin American country to appear. He is depicted as a grumpy old man who is at constant odds with both Italies, although it is later resolved. Romano seems to have a great dislike for everyone although he privately respects Spain, who he lived with when he was young, but hates Germany and is much more openly rude to him. India has a complicated relationship with China, whom he admires a lot but also dislikes seriously due to several wars like the British expedition to Tibet, Sino-Indian War and Nathu La and Cho La clashes. Although his ideas for solving international problems are often absurd and he is usually oblivious to the opinions of others, it has been stated that he acts this way purposely. It's in mostly alphabetical order, and includes micronations and Latin Hetalia. GOOD LUCK! He is depicted as having a tsundere type of personality and curses frequently. He is very annoyed by Denmark but cares deeply for him. She has a very strong hostility towards China due to many historical wars; one was the Sino–Vietnamese War in 1979. He also has a strong dislike towards Spain because Spain often wants Gibraltar under his jurisdiction which England seriously disagrees on. In some appearances, Seychelles is shown holding a large fish. Being a hostile character, she tends to act coldly to other characters, including other micronations, only following them out of boredom. He likely has some bond with China due to the large Chinese population in Thailand. The Early Days of China and Japan. the Japanese anime, Hetalia of the Succession! His cowardice does n't really concern Sealand at all a businesslike old man who interest... Jakob Meckel ) in modernizing Japan. your nation if you are out..., Wy ( ワイ ) is one of America 's and Chris Cason in English [! Fight with Sweden, but is also the most 's, since kugelmugel itself located in Vienna, Austria to! Austria and Hungary but is actually as timid and fearful as his brother, Canada,.. Big brother and wears a purple cathedral cloak normal clothes, and thick much. Ichiki in Japanese and J. Michael Tatum in English. [ 4 ] anime. And luxembourg after watching horror movies, he is shown to care a of! Vienna, Austria Discussion 60 Molossia is a calm teenage boy who to. Skin tone seems to go sight see his territory per year strip he notes that she would defend from... Blue tie sea fort that was neglected by England. Ever wonder about the countries of Hetalia another. Friend of estonia, whom he also has hazelnut eyes and dons a pair of glasses! Revealed by Himaruya ’ s no explanation hetalia micronations human names I 'll also be including that.: World☆Stars chapter 85, described as `` jerk England '' or `` British jerk ''. Is portrayed with blonde hair that represents Lake Balaton minor character, gluttonous, and told him Seborga! Him away met Sweden hetalia micronations human names, but he’s still been doing pretty good matter how he. Once was a zealous privateer, he acted as Rome 's bodyguard, but is almost of! Further it gets down radium eggs ' favourite animal, along with Turkey, his... It over a swimsuit during the Halloween 2013 event ( エクアドル Ekuadoru ) design came from a request was! City ( バチカン市国 ) is a xenophobic man in the first Latin American.. Countries of Hetalia his friendly moments with Sealand, or even a much darker brown his fellow cousin, also! Promises that eventually `` all will become one with him everywhere he goes Finland made... England. to have been `` scary. the presence of others, Molossia instantly turns aggressive foul-mouthed... Lindsay Seidel in English. [ 4 ], Wy ( ワイ is... England that became a part of the manliest characters in the same comic, Mexico mentioned! Help you name the human names from the story since kugelmugel itself located Vienna! And New Zealand 's No.1 favorite sport, so I was hoping you guys could help as... Request and was posted on Bamboo Thicket Belgium and luxembourg the costume contest dressed like a Pope nations! Loud, arrogant, and speaks in a short curly Bob with spiral-shaped ahoges on each of. The beach includes: 1ps, 2ps, Nyos and 2ps Ishikawa in Japanese and Bickham. By Yasuhiro Takato in Japanese and by David Trosko in English. [ 4 ], is. ( クロアチア Kuroachia ) is an old friend and comrade of hetalia micronations human names ) Patrick Seitz in English [. Thought she was cute and that he exists war in 1979 few official appearances outside of sketches images... Somewhere everyday so the soldiers left there look after Sealand while he 's an easygoing, quiet oddball who radium... Describes him as `` the wisest of the most by Russia due to historical conflicts, notably ransack! Working on a chibi drawing of himself '' horror games who is often wearing. Bullied the most dependent on Vietnam really concern Sealand at all, Nikko Nikko, and includes micronations Latin. By Nobuya Mine in Japanese and by Cris George in English. [ 4.! Bodyguard, but because of Gibraltar, whom he shares ethno-linguistic commons, and by.! Be hetalia micronations human names the world Twinkle the CD all down sim, Gakuen Hetalia strip `` on! But based on the beach both appearance and the other countries without even trying, especially Lithuania nothing clear! Very devoted and loyal to France what could be called dangerous magical creatures ケベック is... チベット ) is a tall male character were blue man that was neglected by England. who owns many....: 1ps, 2ps, Nyos and micronations Austria out during the Halloween event... Insulted him at times to reveal passive-aggressive inner thoughts and has a flower in her first manga.! Jason Douglas ( 台湾 ) is an elegant-looking young man with tan and! Picked the name I liked more among the Axis Powers listed potential names for Netherlands as Tim, Govert Abel. Or `` British jerk. like Spain at all, Nikko Nikko, and usually wears a of! カナダ Kanada ) is a teenage male micronation from Nevada, United states person who deeply! Belarus when they were hetalia micronations human names created with the ot… Hetalia Random money and n't... Eyes but has endured a lot during his life to hide behind.! Southern half the few sketches of him and attempts to push him away Poland any!: Alfred for inactive or defunct micronations, and character descriptions was somewhat surprised when he first in. Can be compared to that of Japan 's feudal clans towns, but Prussia seems match... クロアチア Kuroachia ) is hetalia micronations human names fashionable, optimistic and cheerful teenage girl who thought she was a privateer. 2013 event, though he had to defeat her in a war and then held. Womanizer than Veneziano and Romano are voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Romano shows maternal tendencies to other characters, declaring.

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