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diy wheel alignment kit

Autocrossers love Smart Strings and Smart Camber because they can make adjustments at the event after a long drive to an autocross race. The next setting to measure and adjust in our order of operations is caster. The Smart Strings take a little practice in setting up on a car the first time. Here we are going to get right to the how to measure camber using the Smart Camber tool. Caster To see if your work space is level use the Smart Camber tool to ensure your shop floor is level. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. Rob Krider will race absolutely anything. Here is a close up of our measurements for the left front wheel. You will need a way to level the car and a little patience. To see how good Smart Racing Products alignment tools were we decided to align a car and then take it to a reputable alignment shop and compare the strings against the computer. 2 Wheel Alignment Kit, DIY wheel alignment from Tenhulzen Automotive - YouTube. Camber gauge also came with a slick suitcase! Rest one of these plates against the tire on each side and use a tape measure. Wheel alignment is a mechanic procedure as a part of standard automobile maintenance that involves adjustment of the angles of the wheels. Here we are dialing in some more rear toe-in on our Z06 after some serious over-steer issues at an event. He is a multi-national champion racing driver and is also the author of the novel, Cadet Blues. What caster is was covered well in TURNology before. This is done using a small ruler. You can also determine this by feeling for irregularities in your tire’s tread. Vehicle DIY Toe Alignment Tool -Off-Road DIY tool set is CNC cut for accuracy and to help save you money-Fit over the hub to help with setting toe alignment.-Unlike many other kits this does fit a 8 on 6.5 hub, where other kits have to be re-cut or ground to fit over … Schwartz Performance’s “Skart” Rules All, SEMA 2020: Miller Electric Offers New Enthusiast-Friendly Welder. 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The string alignment method is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of making adjustments to your wheel alignments toe. We use white boards on the shop walls to track our alignment progress. To keep braking nice and straight we work hard to get our caster equal between both sides, even if it means dialing in a little less positive caster, so the two sides are the same. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. QuickTrick Kits can be used on any vehicle for measurement of the alignment featuring angles of caster, camber and toe alignment. Answer: We were right on the money using strings! This front end alignment kit gives you the complete tools to keep things straight! At our last Honda Challenge race I was qualifying and the car suddenly wouldn’t allow me to go full throttle through Riverside corner (a long high speed banked curve at Buttonwillow Raceway). Both camber gauge and toe plates were made in high quality. Overall, I rate this kit as 5 star. Video will open in a new window. Using the hangers at the front and rear of the car which hold the string bars in place we can adjust the height of the string bars to be exactly the same height as the center of the wheel. Simply use two end wrenches (one on the tie rod, one the jam nut) and break the jam nut free. Because the lead measurement to the outside string box is smaller, it means the left front wheel is steered slightly to the left, showing a toe-out setting. This settles the car’s suspension to the actual weight when being driven for more accurate alignment. The lead measurement (front of the wheel) is 83 millimeters. We made the adjustments we needed and made it to grid just in time for the race. It would fall down after staying on for a few seconds, at most minutes. These tools are very portable (pro tip: buy the carrying bag for the tools –sold separately) and you can make adjustments in the paddock. Its probably good for a quick check to see if your wheels are mis-aligned. Our recommendation is to find a nice flat surface with good lighting to begin your alignment. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Smart Strings creates a perfect parallelogram (rectangle) around the car where you can measure toe alignments by measuring from the outer rectangle to the edges of the rims. For example camber and caster can affect toe settings. The front and rear of the car each have a set of string bars, which come in two pieces. Or take it to a shop if you’re really stumped. Then he made these tools available to everyone. Using a wheel alignment tool kit, you can achieve professional results in your own garage. The goal of this post is to demonstrate that a DIY guy like many in this forum could perform 4-wheel alignment at your garage (home) using this simplified method. During the race, after just small adjustments to the left rear wheel using our alignment tools, I broke the Honda Challenge 4 class track record at Buttonwillow with a lap time of 2:04.076. DIY Wheel Alignment Kits; Wheels; Accessories; Mustang S550 Spare Wheel; Project 6GR; QuickTrick DIY Wheel Alignment; Filter By Price Range; $100 or below; $100 to $900; $900 to $1,700; $1,700 to $2,500; $2,500 to $3,300; $3,300 or above; Filter By Brand; Project 6GR This is how to make wheel alignment at home by using just simple tools. A Longacre Aluminum Caster Camber Gauge, Dunlop Style Wheel Adapter (manufacturer may vary) and Longacre Aluminum Toe Plates allow you to accurately set your camber, caster and toe while in your garage and avoid the hassle of finding a shop to set your car to your specs. One of the easiest and cheapest modifications a racer can make to his or her vehicle to try to find more performance and speed is by changing alignment settings; simply adjusting camber, caster and toe can radically improve a car’s handling ability. We adjust the string bars at the ends of the car until we have the exact same measurement on each side from the center of the front wheels to the strings. Fits almost any wheel and folds for compact storage. One of the advantages to using Smart Camber and Smart Strings is you can use them at the track. The wheel's toe and camber settings are precisely adjusted in 1/32-inch to 1/64-inch increments, making it necessary for the home mechanic to have complete control over the tire position. Video will open in a new window. Tire Misc. Here you can see the string bars placed into the rigging hanging off the front and rear of the car. This was an unacceptable result for our team, who is used to being on the front row. In this photo you can see we are 121 millimeters out. But after a while they get easier and easier to use. Camber: What Is It And How Can It Make You Faster, The Pros And Cons Of A Sequential Gearbox, The Appeal of Pushrod Suspension: Why and Why Not. Here you can see we nailed it. Most of what you see here comes directly from Watkins Smart Racing Products when you order their Smart String and Smart Camber tools. Video: This 1JZ-Swapped Lexus IS300 Is A Budget Track Beast. It does not require an expert, but some mechanical ability and some time, Numbers and Letters: I need help selecting what material will work best, Numbers and Letters: I need help selecting what size will work best, Numbers and Letters: I want individually cut numbers and-or letters with no background, Numbers and Letters: I want numbers and-or letters on a background, Numbers and Letters: I want vinyl numbers and-or letters than are permanent. A Longacre Aluminum Caster Camber Gauge, Dunlop Style Wheel Adapter (manufacturer may vary) and Longacre Aluminum Toe Plates allow you to accurately set your camber, caster and toe while in your garage and avoid the hassle of finding a shop to set your car to your specs. We offer several of Longacre's popular wheel alignment tooks to upgrade your kit to fit your exact needs. We will contact you as soon as this product is available. I didn't really see any write ups that I liked and none of them really seemed to be too precise so I decided to writ… Center your wheel, remeasure your alignment, and go from there. Camber That aggressive style of driving can cause changes in vehicle alignment during warm-up, qualifying, or racing sessions. With positive caster the steering wheel tends to self-center while going down the track. Video: Scaring Mom In A Lotus Exige Cup 430 At Cadwell Park! and a template for setting up for caster adjustments. By holding the Smart Camber tool against the wheel, you can see our wheel is at 2.9 degrees negative camber. © 2017 Power Automedia. We like to keep things as accurate as possible so we weight the car as if the driver was sitting inside it. Have the steering wheel locked in place a the center (straight) position, either by having a driver in the seat holding it or with a locking tool. QuickTrick Portable Wheel Alignment Kit 4th Gen (13-18" Wheels) 4.2 out of 5 stars 5. (Tire Bags, Durometers, Markers, etc), Radios and Student/Instructor Communication Systems, Track Night in America and Starting Line Participant Benefit Program, Track Night in America and Starting Line Participant Benefit Program (Starting Line), Longacre Part Number 79501: Standard Toe Plates w/Magnets & 2 Tapes, Quickcar Billet Caster Camber Gauge - Choose your Adapter, SmartStrings 4 Wheel Toe Alignment System by Smart Racing, Longacre Part Number 79505: Deluxe Toe Plates (Set). - Toe plate by its design is only good to quickly check your total toe in or out, but not for individual tire. This made sense based on the fact I couldn’t go flat through a right hand curve (putting a lot of load on the left rear tire). At those different steering angles we re-measure our camber to calculate caster. - The gauge mounts to the small gap between rim and tire, it's universal, but it does not mount very well. Once the rectangle around the car is created it is time to start taking measurements to determine toe-in or toe-out settings. How to getting your car straight, including toe in and out, positive and negative camber, steering and vertical axis. Whether you’re at home, the shop, or at the race track, using SmartStrings along with the SmartCamber Gauge , you can perform a full four-wheel alignment precisely and quickly. We successfully developed an alignment tool package that ACCURATELY measures TOE, CAMBER, and CASTER and only costs $200. Here you can see our floor is registering 0.0 degrees. The front and back track width on cars are generally not the same so the measurement between front and rear will differ. Simply set up your reference strings and place the Dream Stick against the wheel rim. This way front and rear adjustments are done simultaneously on the same longitudinal plane. Two end wrenches get the job done easily here. Do-it-yourself wheel alignment guide. Here is a quick reference guide for the Smart Camber (zeroing, calibrating, etc.) 1. Double Nickel Nine Motorsports uses Craig’s tools exclusively on their National Champion NASA  Honda Challenge cars. Trackace DIY laser wheel alignment tracking gauge. The Smart Camber tool is very easy to use. A range of wheel alignment tools for DIY and Professional use. Craig Watkins, working on his own Porsche race car, thought the same thing. Tenhulzen Automotive produces a series of wheel alignment tools that are ideal for the home hobbyists. But if you’re like us and enjoy a DIY approach and want to be able to fine-tune the alignment at the race track so that you can make the alignment adjustments the tire temperature data you’re collecting using that probe-type tire pyrometer we urged you to buy in our latest Just The Tip video, then you’ll need to invest in a few simple tools including a camber gauge, toe plates, a string box setup … Everything you need from to complete an at home alignment in one money saving kit. This Pro System works on 13" - 22.5" wheels up to 38" tire. DIY alignment takes patience and practice to get right, but it ain’t rocket science, even if the wheel alignment shops would … Read more » We will demonstrate how to align a car with Watkins Smart Racing Products tools using our NASA Honda Challenge race car. The trail measurement (rear of the wheel) is 86 millimeters. Craig Watkins invented Smart Strings and Smart Camber back in 1993. We made the arm shorter to get to our 3.2 degree negative camber goal. Camber and toe adjustments are pretty easy to measure and adjust, but caster has a bit more mystery to it. Toe is the direction the tires are pointed from longitudinal center when the steering wheel is centered straight. QuickTrick Alignment Tools QuickTrick Alignment Kits are Professional quality tools designed for a lifetime of reliable service. What a normal road car that is traveling down the freeway trying to get 30,000 miles out of a set of tires requires in alignment settings is very different from what a race car trying to get 100 miles out of a set of tires needs. Toe. Using our handy little aluminum millimeter ruler along with our center caps, we can determine how far from the center of the wheel our strings are. For Double Nickel Nine Motorsports not only do we complete our own alignments at the shop with Smart Racing Products tools we verify our settings pre- and post-session at the track. Street Legal Mario Kart! For a rear wheel drive car we like toe-out in the front and toe-in (tires turned in) in the rear. What is important is that side-to-side the left front is the same as the right front while the left rear is the same as the right rear. Our kit supplies all the pieces needed to get started at an affordable price, now all you need is 3/4" tubing, bolts and string. Copyright © 2000-2019 Solo Performance Specialties, LLC. High Travel Springs In, Street Legal Mario Kart! I brought the car in and we immediately set up Smart Strings on the car. Chassis and Suspension. I’ve been asked before, “Why not just use toe plates? here’s a unit in use in by a race team in Great Britain. QuickTrick Alignment offers portable wheel alignment tools and machines for manual use at home. Here you can see how we determined if we had positive or negative caster and how we calculated how much caster we had. All Rights Reserved. Offerings include a 2-Wheel System, Camber Gauges, Toe Plates, and a 4-Wheel Alignment System This allows us to do two things with Smart Strings: 1. find the height of the center of the wheel (11.75 inches) and 2. to help center the string box around the car. Craig Watkins knows how to setup successful racing cars and he made adjustments at the track using his Watkins Smart Racing Products tools on the Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsches. DIY Precise Alignment (Toe-in): I had just finished installing all new tie rod ends on my car and was looking up how to get the alignment at least relatively close. As surprising as it is, the thickness tolerance on a 2×4 is very good, this specific plank measured to within 0.003 inches. do i need an expert to use it? He’s sold over 20,000 units which are used worldwide by everyone from pro racing teams, to autocrossers and even aftermarket shops. To adjust toe, simply turn the inner tie rod clockwise or counter-clockwise to move the outer tie rod in or out from the vehicle. Steinjager Rod Ends, Cables, Threaded Tubes, Etc. But again, this has nothing to do with the quality of the toe plate, just how it's NOT designed to do. © 2020 Power Automedia. Perfect for DIY and Home Garage Economical and Easy to … These calculations were done in accordance with the instructions on measuring caster which came with the Smart Camber tool. Loosen the two jam nuts at the ends of the control arm and then use an end wrench where the arrow is pointing to make the arm longer or shorter to adjust camber. We prefer using millimeters because they are easier to understand than continually dealing with fractions from inches. Luckily we brought our Smart Racing Products tools. This has proven to be extremely advantageous competitively. For accurate measurements for caster we want to ensure we are turning the front wheels exactly 20 degrees in each direction. This method is used by professional racing teams and weekend track warriors. We did it! For our road racing cars we try to dial in as much positive caster as the vehicle will allow us to. All rights reserved. We take our Smart Racing Products alignment tools with us to the track for quick adjustments. PMD Products 14-1/2" Steering Wheel Holder Stand Fix Tool for Front End Wheel Alignment. Efficient + Effective Alignment Tools for Virtually Any Vehicle, Anywhere. The setting probably changed after bouncing off of the curbing at Buttonwillow. These measurements are made from the edge of the rim at string height to the fishing line. We only had an hour between qualifying and the race. This is more than we want so we will adjust the toe-in slightly. One of the greatest advantages of Smart Strings and Smart Camber are their portability. Conversely, racers understand there is a lot to be gained in alignment so they change their settings quite often. To compare our do-it-yourself method to a high-end alignment shop we aligned our C6 Z06 Corvette with Watkins Smart Racing Products tools and then took the Vette to an alignment shop to verify the settings. But sometimes (inconsistently) it would take very long to start up. What would be much easier for racers is to have a simple portable alignment system that provides repeatable results they can use in their own shop and at the race track. There was no time to put the car on a trailer and tow it to an alignment shop (not that we would find one open on a Sunday). The Dream Stick by ART is an innovative tool used to measure individual toe at each wheel when using parallel strings. how does the equipment work? Video: Touring Car Ace Slides 1,000-HP Skyline GT-R Around Goodwood! We also do the same adjustment with the back wheels. Here is what the Smart Strings tools look like once they are quickly assembled. Your friend will receive an email from you with a link to our site. To find the true center of the wheels we machined some portable center caps from Delrin for our Enkei RPF1s. In order to create the box around the car, Smart Strings has adjustable rigging that can adjust to almost any vehicle’s shape to hold two strings bars, one at each end of the car. Video: How Does One Build Confidence In A Race Car? This has proven to be extremely beneficial to our team. There he met fellow Baja racer Robby Gordon. There have been some really informative articles here at TURNology about what camber is. Very happy with my purchase! Strings connecting the two string bars at the front and rear of the car create a perfectly square parallelogram (rectangle) around the car. The two separate assemblies hang off of the vehicle (one on the front and one on the rear) to create a perfect rectangle with strings. Craig Watkins is not your typical weekend racer. We use large white boards in our shop to track our alignment as we are going along. If caster is off between the left and right front sides, the car will start to wander under braking. A couple of inexpensive fishing reels from Walmart ($12) are an easy way to quickly reel in the line and store the tools without getting tangled strings in the toolbox. Camber settings, in my opinion, are the most beneficial in terms of cornering speed and grip. Not telling you anything you don’t already know, but alignment is very important! The chalk lines on the floor are for setting caster (we will get to that in a moment). Do it yourself alignment – at home for free – almost!! There Craig saw Robby’s team using strings to align the Indy car before the race. Before he was engineering race cars at Le Mans, Craig was a desert racer competing in Baja. I ended up hand holding it against the rim when I need a read, the rest of the time I put the gauge away from the wheel. We can either do that by having a driver sit in the seat (a very boring job) or add weight to the seat to replicate the driver. Once our camber and caster are set it’s time to move on to toe settings. Everything you need from to complete an at home alignment in one money saving kit. Here is how to measure it using the Smart Camber tool. Especially when it comes to lowered trucks and suv’s. Kit Includes: Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/ Magnets Longacre® 52-78260 Caster / Camber Gauge w/ Magnetic Adapter Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/ Magnets Here's the quickest and simplest way to measure toe-in. The steering wheel can move during these adjustments. If you see that the tread on any one tire appears lower on one side of the car, or lower on one side of a tire than the other side, you have an alignment issue. Robby was also racing Indy cars at the time and Craig went to hang out with him at Laguna Seca for an Indy car race. When it falls, it could damage the internals of the gauge. 25th Jan 2016 The first step to performing DIY wheel alignment is to know when your car needs one. It is important to be able to verify a car’s alignment before and after a session to ensure it is set at optimal positions for peak performance. Get inside the car and turn the steering wheel until it looks and feels … Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 21.

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