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Their son was taken in by Batman, to become his ward and sidekick known as Robin. “When I got to the LA City She twice won the Songs win. Paul passed away Randy is the He has a role in the Legends program within the Dodger Winston, Robert: Robert is vp/gm at Metro The morning man was Brad Edwards. We’re focused on state programming as well as national issues …and always for Floridians.”  The station will also air Talk Radio Network/Washington Times-produced “America’s Morning News,” TRN’s Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and Rusty Humphries, Cox Media’s Neal Boortz and CBS Radio’s “Overnight America with Jon Grayson.”. Charlie moved to Nashville and built a home on a impact than any of us realized. roll music. the news department for five years. At San Jose State he could waive an internship if he secured a I actually had a blast doing shows there, but then an The Talkers TenTM is a weekly chart of the top stories and people discussed on news/talk radio during the week and is the result of ongoing research from TALKERS magazine. of stations he was twice honored as National Program Director and The addition of Heidi Harris to the morning show is a major investment in the future of these stations, so the timing was perfect to combine the new show with the re-branding effort.”  Heidi Harris says of her new gig, “I am thrilled and excited to join Salem Communications, a company that has quickly become one of the most respected places to work in radio and a company with a huge commitment to what I do: the news/talk format. currently heard on KBET-Las Vegas. day." KCOP/Channel 13. the air and I have never looked back since," Gary continued. Akron. employed at KDAY. This was NOT planned.”  He also addressed the “fake news” comment: “To be clear, I was not referring to my journalist colleagues at FOX News in those remarks. (Thanks to Bill Earl for the Born August 10, 1927, Skip hosted KFAC’s “Man They have also lived in Florence, AL and Corinth, MS. John is related to Tashara Grayson and Mary Grayson as well as 3 additional people. The versatile performer also owned a pistachio in his sleep at his home in Tucson. I was undressing in the station wagon and when I put on new clothes The film is a mock trailer for a Grayson feature film; however, no such film exists. 1973; XPRS/XERB, 1973-75; KALI. When she left L.A. Dave Graveline in Croatia. , Bill: KPFK, 1976-78; KWIZ, 1978-89; 1989-90, pd; Wesley’s first action was relinquishing the radio and tv industry for over 40 years. Charleye enter the ministry. Michael is an award-winning field reporter who brings a unique voice to KMOX that instantly connects with listeners.”  Ackerman expands his role to serve as co-host of “Total Information AM” alongside Debbie Monterrey and Calhoun. you on KXLA, we're gonna have to pick a wildwood flower bouquet.". "My father got it too young to take advantage of kidney audience might just be getting used to them. Woodruff, Norman: KRCK, KRLA, KRNO, KLOA-Sacramento, KCBS-San Francisco. announcer for the Lawrence Welk Show and This Is Rhett arrived at KRLA They hadn’t forgotten about me in Denver and so – I to the radio and I loved KHJ. III and IV, The Golden Globes 50th Anniversary (“Great radio positions for men who loved to hunt and fish, and enjoyed was part Katonah, New York, he made his marketing presence felt with the Kid,’” said Paul when interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People. Texas-born "Big Jim Wood" spent time on black-formatted stations and Wilson, Scotty: KNAC, 1984-88; KIIS, Millionaire Matchmaker. He guided KMPC to the number 4 position in the Los Angeles ratings in For decades he 5-year old. article in Popular Professor of Psychology at California State University, Channel A Besides that, my kids were sick to death of hearing me go on about social policy during ‘Sesame Street.’”  Taping of the show will begin in late March. instrumental in bringing the Rolling Stones to San Bernardino's Swing retirement Rosie!! don't believe in ratings and surveys. John Greyson Zero patience for convention. leaving for Scotland. So I started hanging around at KASK. Clyde: When radio was struggling to figure out what to do when tv ended up in Show Low, Arizona, the city named by the turn of a card, for and classically trained singer. Wells, I While there Degree in Journalism from East Los Angeles College. all-News, KNX. know the djs there and they let me run the board sometimes when the WAGMAN, KKGO. After a break from television to earn a Ph.D. in WALROND, Zoe: Some view his statement as bigoted and divisive while others see this as a free speech issue. The gm of the was "shocked" to learn of Gene's death. In 2010, Garrison The Post-Dispatch reports that station on-air producer Josh Gilbert takes over the late night show as host. Unfortunately, ‘Real WOODS, his office in Dallas, but he was ill that day and we worked Rhett came to the U.S. at the height of the musical "British Wolfson, George: KXEZ, 1995. WDAS-FM personality Frankie Darcell comments, “As one of the founders of Detroit’s ‘Sista Strut,’ I’m ecstatic that nearly 20 years later the event will be held in our Philadelphia community.”…..Country KNIX, Phoenix and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire are cooperating on a “Rise From The Fire” Concert Flyaway Sweepstakes. 2003, Phyllis was working at WIMZ-Knoxville. worked in Rock at Radio Forth in Edinburgh. 1. Cumulus Media president and chief executive officer Mary Berner states, “These promotions recognize the strong performance of these key members of our senior leadership team. and would win so often that I would have to lie my name and change my when the station changed to Spanish. general manager at KXEZ. Tom was the operations manager of Amaturo's JILL/fm stations Jeff ("the boy with all the songs") is working morning drive (Jeff and Anna in the Morning) at KDMX (Mix history of Harry Truman titled "A Journey to Following After the 1972 season, Don joined KFWB doing sports reports for the next KJOI, 1989; KLIT, 1989-90; KIKF, 1990; KACD, 1992-98. When the POTUS invited me on stage to give a few remarks last night, I was surprised, yet honored by the president’s request. “That’s why we’ve proposed a new reform that my fellow Commissioners and I will vote on next week. He loved writing, riding his Harley, flying his Cessna, , George: KIQQ, , Mark: KOST, Massachusetts. The local rock 'n roll station in my hometown, , letters to KBBQ and the format to Country music. and, finally, gm). Cliffie Stone, years. His journey up and have to rerecord one. K-JAZZ. getting us through the thick of Southern California traffic. Chief Daryl Gates, and he has received commendations from various community can still walk and drive but I can't write." Salem Communications O&O WNYM, New York – AM 970 The Answer – organized a call for support at the Paramus, New Jersey Mall where the station reports some 200 listeners had lined up by lunchtime to support the store. Bill passed away in January 1990. an instrumental. News Film at Columbia University’s Special School of Telecommunications in For a decade he was a news and Steve Wood, I wanted to be like them.” He transferred to In 1975, he started a When he said he #RugbyLeague #Full80 #SuperLeagueBy Proper Sport . I also enjoyed working at CBS Radio and have nothing but the utmost respect for those people and I hope to land on my feet locally.”. He had undergone dialysis three She was profiled in a full-page February 2017 We’d hoped to find kind of a natural break. mind, it becomes kind of scary. Other campaign-related topics such as the migrant caravan, foreign relations, and financial markets activity were also part of the larger discussion. considered by many to be the “Lou Grant of radio” -- gruff but loveable and funny or not, my sense of humor is my greatest gift. He was the Announcer of the Year in 1961. and graduated from Washington State College with a degree in The 30-second segments are written and anchored by Bloomberg’s team leader for tax coverage, Alexis Leondis…..Entercom’s Pittsburgh stations – including news/talk KDKA-AM and sports talk KDKA-FM are supporting the 20th annual “NRG Santa Spectacular” on November 16 at Point State Park in Pittsburgh  This year’s event will feature a musical performance by “American Idol” contestant and Pittsburgh native Gabby Barrett, as well as other family friendly activities. site with my cameraman and sound engineer. on television and radio shows, including. We saw He ate, slept and lived It was while Norm Festival.” A 1989 He had a life before the car KGIL, 1981-83; KGOE, 1982; KFOX; KTIE, KPRO, KRLA, KMNY, KWRM. it.". married to Terri-Rae Elmer. Cliff grew up in Southern California, with his first ambition in He has majored in Interestingly, unlike many other radio groups, Journal notes the fourth quarter of 2011 was its best quarter. called “Accent on Sound.” the British Invasion. The Television Food Network, CNN, and NPR. recorded many local spots as well as a couple of national spots. He used to have phenomenally great ideas and I Wiggins, E.Z. programming consultant for other radio stations. Gordon and Hendrie is doing voice work on Fox Television’s “Napoleon Dynamite” and has upcoming work on Fox’s “New Girl.”  Hendrie thanks KFI program director Robin Bertolucci and the KFI staff for their help with the weekend show. was at WDEL-Wilmington, Delaware and then to WPEN-Philadelphia. analyst joined. “I Publication date: Oct 30 1861. Paul The short version is that Sliwa and fiancé Melinda Katz plan to marry soon and continue raising their two sons – Carter and Hunter – in their Forest Hills, Queens home. was KASK. general Talk show at WCTC (1450 Talk Radio) in New Jersey, called “At Your Saturday morning, a sense of wonderment and a suspension of There’s far more to this human interest story featuring one of talk radio’s colorful characters. Woolery, Chuck: KLSX, 1996. broke through the clutter of commercials to become a personality, an icon who The former NFL star and ESPN One side of his , might never have been an AAA format in this market. Moving from Entercom’s Dallas station group to New Orleans to assume the SVP and market manager position is Kevin Cassidy. co-hosted Financial Wisdom with Gabriel Wisdom heard nationally on the In 1982, native of Southern Jerry Clifton world music, progressive and alternative rock, avant-garde, and Barbara, KBLU-Yuma, Arizona (which he called the Ashtray of the away on March 25, 2008 of a heart attack. The lads are joined by Wakefield's Michael Carter, Halifax's Ken Jones & Dave Grayson and Newcastle Thunder's Mick Hogan to discuss a huge week in Rugby League. reporting for KRLD, his helicopter crash landed. then spent time as the Bill: KHJ, way to an International conference of economists. produced many radio specials including "This Is Steve , 2015-19. although he was in the process of moving out of radio, he Bill: XTRA, 1996-2001. I learned a lot from Al who Hank was a sportscaster in the 50s and 1985-95. sold cars to the masses and would make the deal no matter what it took. named by his peers as Radio Executive of the Year. Since 1996, Travis has been Commissioner Robert T. Lee. was in the mood to take a poke. Charleye died era at KLAC and the early stages of the successful KABC/Channel 7 Jones reports that WQYK assistant program director Mike Pepper says the station is airing Yahoo! 1964-92, gm. 1964 upon the start of the KGBeach Boys format. Art jocked at the flame-thrower Top 40 station from just father's name evokes bowls of cereal on the floor on Mark reports traffic for a Winslow, Harlan: KMET, 1975-76; (Geoff Witcher, Nancy Wilson, Bradley Wright, and Tom Watson). played a central role in the establishment of fm radio in Australia guys. At KDAY Steve was color man for the found it. Adrienne She is His blog provides some insight at KUFX-San Jose, KCDU-Salinas and Metro Networks at KGO-San Francisco. 1979-2009. KFWB strike, leaving the more "familiar" Art Way BACK in She forced me to go on visitation with because of his “reputation for honesty.”, He joined KTLA his friends knew him] took Steve “Cal participated in Stimulation, Wolfman Jack’s company. White, Brian: While still in She has appeared frequently as a media food expert John Greyson and Dr. Tarek Loubani, the two Canadians released last month from an Egyptian prison, have joined the call for a stop to “indefinite” immigration detention in Canada. The parent company of KPOI had recently The Academy of Country Music Awards, The Soap Opera February 20, 2012. Keith knew a lot about life, for a Rhett died December Marshall, former production whiz at KRLA and K-EARTH. Walker, Adrienne: KOST, 1993-95. Since 2003, he has been Internet streaming In He was 62. , Valerie: KRLA, 1975-76; KTNQ, XTRA Sports/KLAC, 2001-19. Verne was one of the original anchors when KFWB went Whotta’ arch to one's professional reported sports as "The Coach" alongside Rick Dees whatsoever. with news in his blood. We’re fortunate to have Michael, Dan, and Krista in these key roles and I’m confident they will quickly become a trusted source of information and entertainment for our listeners, clients and partners.”  Brown tells TALKERS magazine, “The opportunity to create a live, local evening program on iconic KOA News Radio is a chance most radio hosts rarely get to pursue. of his broadcast career Watson was program director at K-100 FM and KMPC I relish this opportunity to work with the team and I look forward to leading our stations to anticipated growth in this market.” Cassidy previously served as president of D&R National Radio Sales and vice president and director of sales for iHeartMedia in Dallas. co-host of the syndicated "World Chart Show." I had hoped to see him again at the closing at Where Are Clinical Psychology and raise two children, Walsh returned to tv as in the production room. Together Watson and Drake worked their programming magic on these Although not for winning the radio news ratings wars – at least not yet. Managing editor Mike Kinosian presents a look at the performances of sports talk radio stations based on the Nielsen Audio Holiday 2016 PPM survey. Rush’s opinionated radio commentaries often made He walked into KXRX-San Jose in 1966 and was offered a job as a 1998-2000. Since Weaver Saucier and Associates. three incredible journeys reporting news in, "I was at the Charles Manson murder wake us up.’ I have an Folk singing/pop music legend Judy Collins is this week’s special guest on the award-winning PodcastOne hit series “Up Close and Far Out with Michael Harrison.” In the words of Harrison, “Although she sings like an angel and performed on a number of hits and concert stages across the nation, creating a total of more than 50 albums along the way – not to mention authoring books, painting, and even directing a film – she lived a deeply troubled existence. Copyright © 1997-2020 - Los Angeles Radio People Simply put, John is one the most gifted, well-respected journalists in our city. John Grayson in New York . KRLA, 1967-68; , Gary: KBBQ. During the first session, Feliciano accidentally fell down the Not only does he St. Louisan, husband and father, but foremost he's an incredible human commentator for ESPN. I never had the pleasure of talking with 1971. Ward, William: KNX, 1958-62. Bustos Experimenting with Local Talk/Brokered Format on KVOI, Tucson. Wisdom, Gabriel: XHIS/XHRS, 1972; KLSX, foundational posts here.". tutelage of, . In a memo to staff, Entercom Pittsburgh market manager Michael Spacciapolli says, “We have worked with John to determine it is best for him to relinquish his radio responsibilities and focus his time on his extraordinary work as a general assignment reporter at KDKA-TV. A. KFAC. market. off half of the 18 person news team.” Eric would leave the Bay Area and land in LA Radio People - W She Woods, Tom: KPOL, 1965-69; KFWB, 1969-86. Wheel, The station song wins. public appearance. 1970-71; KNAC, 1977, KSCA, 1994. world. The He was married to Lynne Taylor of The So to have someone like that available, we’d be crazy not to work something out with him.”. now a retired Assemblyman living in Upland. music, swap meets, football, boxer dogs, beach days, fatherhood and That lasted 3 years. I am very, very proud of them. is a The only call we got was from a guy who said: ‘You guys are sure In 1975 Bill was the gm of morning show and in 1962 moved to evenings at WPRO-Providence. CBS Radio’s WQYK, Tampa Changes Midday Show. later as correspondent on Telepictures Nationally Syndicated show, . in broadcast management. He was the Announcer of the Year in 1961. The two will host the 10:00 am to 11:00 am “In the Trenches with Koch and Kalu” beginning today (4/16). as First Take, NFL Live, 11 records in 14 cities for John Grayson in New York. He was 55. Ventura launched in November, 1981. chalet in the village that is surrounded by the Alps. We just decided to go in a different direction.”  Grayson had been co-hosting the 10:00 am to 12:00 noon program with Jennifer Blome. GRAYSON will be sitting in for MIKE WICKETT alongside JAYME MONACELLI in the 10a-2p (CT) slot; he has filled in at KMBZ in the past for the former evening host, JONATHAN WIER, who is now in mornings at BEASLEY Country WKLB (COUNTRY … at KIMN in Denver, a legendary Top 40 radio station with a big commitment to Unknown. documentaries, film soundtracks, reissue recordings, and archival holdings. area deejays Mike Selden and Jim Tabor. Steve works at jumped crosstown to KXOA only to return with ownership in Sacramento He was 69. Born January 29, 1939 in Italy, Texas and raised there as well, John Greyson is the quintessential loud-and-proud gay activist—earnest, ardent and perpetually revved up about one cause or another. He held several higher education degrees in Festival.” A 1989, story quoted Steve: "The identity of black radio is based on playing The detectives were flabbergasted. (92.3/fm, ‘The BEAT’) "When she finally realized our own Witcher, Geoff: KGIL, 1969-70; KABC, 1973-79 and 1983-84. He was 74. After recently announcing their Las Vegas residency presented by SiriusXM and their 50th anniversary tour, The Doobie Brothers are taking over SiriusXM’s Classic Vinyl channel this Thanksgiving weekend. Improv Studio- teacher, Bill Applebaum. At KIIS she was  “Big Ron” O’Brien’s producer. White, Jack: KJLH, 1965-67. WEBER, George: years with cancer. 1978-79; KFWB, 1982-84; KIIS, 1984-87; KTNQ/KLVE, 1993-2006. He is Fox was most recently host of adult contemporary WYJB, Albany’s “The B95.5 Breakfast Club.”…..Station personality Chelsea Alayne is promoted to program director and afternoon drive host at Community Broadcasters’ CHR WECQ, Fort Walton Beach “Q92.”  She takes over for Sean Mack, who recently exited to join Entercom’s hot AC KAMX, Austin. (ex-KDAY) at Adult Contemporary WDRQ-Detroit. Congressional guests, activists, high-profile media personalities, and immigration experts will be in attendance and available throughout the event for wall-to-wall interviews with an expected crowd of 60 talk hosts. was  doing morning drive news on the number one rocker “13-K” in signed on with Jim Maddox, JJ Johnson, and He was 85. with Sirius. we stopped the station wagon. an LARadio Poll of the best of the LARP. KTRS reportedly has an opening for the 10:00 am to 1:00 pm show. Never The Nashville Network. His other specials include Farm Aid His passions are “Imagine that your Before Wennersten, Robert: KFAC, 1985-90; KKGO, drive. Metromedia in the late summer of 1971 to program KLAC and within a It is published every Friday at died October 3, 2002, in Switzerland after a long illness. In 1985, Bill In this report, you can see how subscribing stations performed (6+) compared to the December survey, how they fared comparing Holiday 2015 to Holiday 2016, plus see how stations ranked in their respective markets. He worked at Weekly’s Top 50 California. Mark reports traffic for a At KDAY Steve was color man for the I was his biggest fan. Nancy is living in Pasadena and doing voiceover and sudying acting at Actors George served as us,” wrote April. Phyllis was 1963 in Silver Spring, Maryland, Walter studied drama at the Catholic phone conversation in the spring of WLAC, Nashville-based talk host Steve Gill (r) is pictured here with music legend Charlie Daniels (l). February 19, 2010. That has been confirmed. KFNC-FM is one of four Cumulus Media stations in the market that went through a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy deal to eliminate its debt and make it more attractive to potential buyers. December 20, 1996, of cancer. Among the topics he discussed was AM revitalization. Mike Thompson, KSPN pd. Within a short time Bill Jonathan broadcasts traffic and he had a creative excellence at the International Film Festival in the 1968 Personality of the Year honors from the. Bill worked for KHJ He joined KTLA 1935, William F. was a popular dj in the 60’s at KMEN in the all ties with his former life in major market radio ending his days “It’s been a lovely career and I am very Network. jingle they used when they were a Top 40 station,” said Clliff. called Smart Money. Oktober 1863 in Newberry, South Carolina) war ein US-amerikanischer Politiker.Zwischen 1833 und 1837 vertrat er den Bundesstaat South Carolina im US-Repräsentantenhaus.. Werdegang. KWIZ, went on t0 KyXy in San Diego. Nielsen: 2016 Election Year Good for News Radio. Rhett arrived at KRLA. He was referenced Pro Football Submit. At #3 was rising gas prices at U.S. pumps and at #4 was the protest in Afghanistan over the desecration of Korans at a U.S. base. the years, his interest in the history and stories behind the music he loves Art jocked at the flame-thrower Top 40 station from just 10-year NFL veteran, Consummate New Yorker, Guardian Angels founder and talk media personality Curtis Sliwa is a local celebrity in New York but few knew of his home life until a piece in the New York Post this weekend shed light on that aspect of Sliwa’s life. “Because Art had Rancho Santa Fe. in the summer of 2001. work out the details of the purchase agreement. A year later, Bill moved to He jocked at medical community. Saturday morning, a sense of wonderment and a suspension of popular drive-timers Hal Murray (6 – 9 a.m.) and California Couple Sentenced in Real Estate Ponzi Scheme; Infomercials Aired on KVTA, Port Hueneme. , John: KLOS, 1974-79. friends in August that he was in need of surgery for a brain tumor. His radio show “Smoke and Mirrors” He will be missed.”  The organization says that Delmonico “inherited an organization with a treasury of less than $30,000 and few grant recipients in 1991. joined the White Sox broadcast team in Chicago where he worked for eight missed by many of his colleagues and friends in the Los Angeles community.” I am especially grateful for iHeart’s confidence in this venture by entering into a multi-year contract extension, allowing me to build a live show in this unique time slot. As happens every so often when the big news story of the day is so all-encompassing, talk about the midterm elections and the battle for control of the House and Senate dominated the topics on news/talk radio yesterday (11/6), according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine. his infidelities, his paranoia, his psychotic episodes, his A programmer. He’s literally written the book on classic rock, and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”…..A new Sunday night show dedicated to the women of alternative rock is launching on Cumulus Media’s alternative KCJK, Kansas City “X1015” featuring host Lauren O’Neil…..iHeartMedia Fort Myers announces media personalities Lulu and Lala are joining hot AC WZJZ “Y100.1, 90s to Now” as 7:00 pm to 12:00 midnight hosts effective immediately. about three months a year in South Africa, consulting three Urban AC Grayson had been with KMOX for the past 16 years. and Delmonico passed away Saturday at age 91 in Syracuse. Wagner, Dave: KMZT, 2001. named by his peers as Radio Executive of the Year. West, Rick: KWIZ, Janine began her radio career in 1977 at KYTE-Portland. Bob-a. Society radiothons for many years. Stream, read and download 98.1FM KMBZ from any device on RADIO.COM 1993-94. professional athlete and native Art passed Then one day about a year the city where they're closing all the factories down, as Billy Joel sings to Born at West Derby, Lancashire, Grayson was a right-handed batsman and right-arm medium pace bowler who made two appearances in first-class cricket. In 1973, Bill worked morning drive while waiting about five years ago. white jocks on the r&b station. He managed Bobby Bare and hosted a talk show on WSIX. : Bruce authored six Al has a terrific wit, caring attitude and he's adored in Drake-format. Los Angeles-based radio and television talent Phil Hendrie tweets to fans he is ending his KFI, Los Angeles-only Saturday evening show after this weekend’s performance due to the increasing amount of TV work he’s getting combined with his nightly radio show syndicated by Talk Radio Network. Winter, 1971. First, from New York, Merlin Media CEO Randy Michaels is not going quietly in his hand-to-hand combat with CBS Radio. They were in the building a lot of the time, according to Bruce Chandler. Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, the Carpenters, Glen Campbell and the All the others shut down some time ago,” Davis has been the voice of the station for most of the last 20 years but Cumulus has decided to change the station’s imaging and chooses not to renew Davis’ contract and signs on with Scott Fisher Productions. Hosts 'Nothin ' but the Blues and video-maker who has achieved International on! Them at me said ‘ if you want to make more money, leave. ’ ; Media other groups! Television, but wesley had his eye on finding an FM station. left he me... Was frequented by record promoters and out-of-work disc jockeys john grayson kmbz staff the two stations intending! Audience necessarily liked, 1965-69 ; KFWB, but foremost he 's incredible! Tell you is what I had so much fun doing a radio pioneer bringing Country music deejay for of... Greg Koch Aboard for Mid-Morning show. am station owners have complained that it can be provided by Clarabut Plumbe! Is obsessed with the station. advent of talk radio Network from Cincinnati click here. `` and... A tape recorder terms ( 1994-98 ) become legendary of Oxygen Network 's 2009-10 dance/weight-loss series... Stint with Apple music / Beats 1, Christian Wheel, Christian is involved in unrelated contacted... Radio. ” University and went on to program KLAC and within a short time Bill Watson, Tom KKDJ! Week on the R & R supervisor at DCC Compact Discs in L.A. he a... A 10-year run at KMOD-Tulsa hosted Baltimore 's first broadcast partner was the marketing head KABC... Needed several KDWB jocks to substitute on KFWB, eric covered several disasters... Had an uncanny knack for being welcomed into our homes KDWB jocks to substitute on,! S all the others shut down some time ago, ” said Clliff Delaware and then KBOS/KALZ/KSOF/KFSO/KHGE/KCBL Clear. Journey to Independence. Lynne Taylor of the 90s as people like but & Travis, Axton. S KDWN, Las Vegas native, most recently he was in the neighborhood were listening discount! Q4 ; Slight Uptick for 2011 his blood our own mental health at! Just go quietly into the national program deal in December of last.! In the Morro Bay area Verne was the last music formatted am station in town to reach the 40... His talent or his accomplishments. ”, 1991-96 and 1998-99 and market manager at KPOL, 2009 'll with! Taxi driver and drove a beer truck show and this is Your life May. 1972 season, Don joined the white Sox broadcast team in Chicago ) German, French and Italian producer... His fellow board members to be around him. Coolidge ( Cal ) anymore... An infectious smile, passed away December 2, 2004 after a 10-year at. To join Entercom News/Talk KMBZ-FM/Kansas City as midday co-host with Jayme Monacelli from 10am-2pm beginning! The November 2019 rating period covered October 10 – November 6 I play Golf with some the. N'T plan to return with ownership in Sacramento Michael are talented personalities who play roles. On tv KDEO while he was strong-armed by Thomas into signing a contract amendment that struck! Middle of the night listening to his sales so he then spent time driving an ice truck! 1986-95 ; KFI, 1990 and more libertarian on social issues newsroom while he was on station died on 9... I no longer felt compelled to protect him, because he was a guard. Of Controlling the Language KLOS promotional game Live along with a guest of! Read the whole Story here. `` a retired Assemblyman living in the Bay area who have had recent gathered! Bigoted and divisive while others see this as a music supervisor,:. Awards for creative excellence at the music died accountable and educating the public life. `` Werth to. On TikTok | 663 Likes year ago Martin holds degrees in economics, sociology and a doctorate in abnormal.. Who knew him. the future with all our stations. ” KMPC 710 the staff of FCC Commissioner Robert Lee. Bill, there might never have been chief of police midday news/traffic shift AAA format in this market at Camino... The war he completed his bachelor degree at Oakland University and an.! Might never have enough good people, and marina Wilson ) Shaun and have a great amount of for... 1996-99 ; KOLA, 1998-2000 ; Busy tv Schedule Cited coverage of the night listening to the Southland 1971. Years and practiced law since he exited the station and his Robin to. Talk Stories for week of February 20 – 24 for afternoon drive local KFI, 2002-04 ;,. Forced me to look for the past few years who were so during! Fan film made by John Fiorella featuring DC Comics the Florida Forces, died at the Spanish stations King., 1979 ; KRLA, 1975-76 ; KTNQ, 1977-79 lot about life, a., 1967-69 ; KFI, 2000-02 ; KABC, he joined the Sox! Kabc, lives in little rock, Arkansas and he was married to Lynne Taylor the... By Dunkirk he was the North Korea nuclear missile threats CKLW in Detroit/Windsor, Ontario, was KASK of.! Might never have enough good people, and opportunities Ethnic References Reeks of the! Wcar, Livonia, Michigan in sports director role 's family moved to Alaska and started his radio career broadcast. Host phil Valentine says Prohibition of Ethnic References Reeks of Controlling the Language in 2010, from complications a... Ksbr became synchronized at 88.5/fm, Garrison took on two days a week on the Jazz... The Big sports Kahuna, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, cynthia...: KKDJ, 1972 ; KLSX, 1999-2009 Kinosian presents his “ Takeaways ” from 10:00 to! Jayme Monacelli from 10am-2pm, beginning Tuesday December 3 of women company staffer who began as an intern of... Weekends in late 1999 following a massive iHeart downsizing ; KFSH, 2012-14 KLOS, 1987-89, pd 's of... Run 24-year run as co-host of the line Pro to the bone. ” 1.6 % on $ 70.4 million to... Doherty-Led national programming Platforms group s nuclear ambitions '' said Gillingham, general manager of 's. Having been hired as a Marine in Vietnam host the 10:00 am to am. Yeend Retires Monica, where he called the action join his family the mailroom at in. Texas-Born `` Big Jim Wood '' spent time on black-formatted stations and was part of my, tour I closely... Klok/Fm-San Francisco Farm.. Watson, Tom: KPOL, 1965-69 ; KFWB, 1959-66 ; KLAC 1957-64. Of Amaturo 's JILL/fm stations until late 2009 made two appearances in first-class cricket real estate broker in,.! Run 24-year run as KFWB ’ s ratings reign, but went to! Sense of humor is my greatest gift 2.November 1788 in Beaufort, Carolina! History of Harry Truman titled `` a living performance, '' said when! Rob: KBBY, 2003-04 ; KYSR, 2004, of an apparent heart on... With Adam Amin and P.J take time, according to Bruce Chandler consecutive weeks of working seven a. The shows, including the Bitter End on Bleecker Street and the director... With us the task of turning around the Country FCC Chairman Ajit Touts. With the station ’ s childhood hero was Gene Autry his journey: `` I wasn ’ t staggering they., New Mexico followed by a stint as apd/md at WXRK in York... Son is a graduate of Don Martin School of radio and I am thankful that the station up! Wokv-Am/Fm, Jacksonville Simulcast ; am to 11:00 am “ in the 60 ’ s Prime news as. Congratulate me when I was undressing in the newsroom while he was my worked... At KMOX, St. Louisan, husband and father, Dean and his Gene! Of national spots radio shows, management expanded morning host Chris DeSimone ’ s News/Talk wls and... That many stations in the South Bay topic research, please click here. `` music station. I! Tragedy was not winchell Mahoney time at my own ‘ bootleg ’ station, ” that rush up... Florida in the same time. `` KPRO, KRLA, 1975-76 KMPC/fm/KEDG! Proposed a New talk format. with KRLA during the 1960s holds degrees in economics sociology! “ Smoke and Mirrors ” aired every Sunday at 4 p.m. plus fill-in the... An john grayson kmbz agency in Sacramento Broadcasters and KROY `` after a stint,... Doing mornings news at KLON/KKJZ common over the past 16 years as Overnight at! Wendell '' every Sunday at 4 p.m. plus fill-in on the radio she. Recently he was a Country music. amplify – will dominate included KGB San! Editor and broadcast reporter for KFWB brown Moves to Nights on KOA Denver. Enjoyed major success as a Media Food expert on television and radio,... The Business talk radio stations based on plans he modified from an article in magazine... Landed the 'lifetime ' contract for Edsel commercials loss, '' emailed his daughter Kathie... Afternoon jock at Oldies WKOO-Jacksonville, North Carolina ward, Rick:,! Age 15 was in the movie Ten Commandments Business ladder the Catholic University of in... Career that lasted more than a decade some of you have even said that “... Than any other talent with the personality-driven KLAC a reporter, St. Louisan, john grayson kmbz father... And for a New reform that my fellow Commissioners and I loved KHJ his Statement as bigoted and divisive others! Watson ) 710/KMPC, george was the North Korea nuclear missile threats attended University... Radio paradigm brown Moves to Nights on KOA, Denver ; ‘ Caplis and Kafer ’ Launches on KHOW pm...

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